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Friday, August 12

week fav.

I am participating for this first time in Favorite Photo of the Week Contest.  I knew instantly what my entry would be.  I took this photo while babysitting.  I had gotten a new lens in the mail that day and I had fun shooting with it on the kids.

Side note-  I shot in Manuel, which I never ever do...I  know that is terrible I am working at taking pics outside my comfort zone.  I was so pleased with this one though, so much so that I decided to leave it as is without editing!  Thoughts??


  1. Love the color, Nicole! What lens did you get? I shoot in manual when I want to be sure I am in control of everything-but most of the time, I have to grab my camera fast and shoot--so--I keep mine in Aperature Priority-A- on my Nikon-that way I can at least control my Aperature --

    Gotta love Camo and Football:)

  2. Nicole, it's an amazing shot! and it's really great that you try to work outside your comfort zone. This shot is great. Thery is nothing terrible in it! Those colors are warm and very soft! sometimes perfect technically doesn't mean perfect from the artistic side of the shot!

  3. WOW- love all that light & the composition- it's just perfect!

    I have been playing just a bit with manual more often- it can certainly be intimidating. But after a while- that apprehension will go away.

  4. I can't intelligently comment on your technical photographic abilities, but wow is that one cute little boy!!

  5. Mrs. M-I bought a 50mm f/1.4 lens and I am loving it. It is not for zooming but it provides such clarity and ability to shoot in low light!
    Mrs. E-somehow I knew you would comment about the cuteness of the subject :)