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The Photographer

Random facts about me:

Coffee is my weakness
I write to-do lists for the sole purpose of crossing things out
I am Italian, and proud of it!
If I could live anywhere in the USA it would be Texas
I climbed Pikes Peak when I was 14, and before I am 30 I want to hike the Grand Canyon
I am the eldest of 3 girls and I belong to the best family!
I am a born-again believer in Christ and have attended the same church since birth
I love small quaint towns
I have an infatuation with barns and old doors and window panes
Green is awesome
Canons are the best
Tulips make me smile
I do not like chocolate;  I prefer a bag of chips...
Classics make for solid reading
I sometimes talk to my Pontiac G6 and refer to her as my baby
I love children and want a house full of them someday
I have a book of quotes that I write in regularly
I love photography! ;)