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Monday, November 21

Thankfulness Part III

I count myself so blessed to be part of a great church family.
God has put so many wonderful and wiser people in my path and for that I am truly grateful.

When I go to church it is always exactly what I needed.
Sometimes it may not even be from the message, but instead from a single gesture or words of another Christian.

Just last night, as I was walking out of church I was approached by a woman, who grabbed me by the elbow and whispered in my ear,
Nicole, I just wanted to let you know I am praying for you.

Her words humbled me.  There are so many people in the church who really need prayer -
some have cancer, others have lost a loved one, some are going through a trial...

And yet, this woman has chosen to pray for me - a single young woman.

It is moments like those that I find myself saying, 
Thank you Lord, I am truly blessed.

Wednesday, November 16

A Fall Brunch

One of the many qualities I would like to possess from my mother is her ability to hostess and entertain...

This morning she put on a fall brunch and I was delighted to share a part in it.

The fine china, glass goblets, and gold chargers were pulled out...

and the table looked like something from out of a magazine!
(or as one of her friends commented, "Straight from Pinterest!") :)

Everything was perfect down to the amazing food served

This quiche was incredible!

And my Aunt's recipe for French Toast Bake was out of this world!

And don't let these innocent faces fool you;
they were one wild bunch!  :)

So happy to have shared a part in such a fun affair!

School Days

I had the honor a couple of weeks ago to take some pictures at the Christian school I attended.

It was enjoyable sitting in and taking photos; brought back so many memories of a childhood past.

3rd-4th grades

1st-2nd grades




Saturday, November 12

Thankfulness Part II

Today I am thankful for the promises of God.

As a teenager I was challenged by a Youth Pastor, to take 
time and go through the Bible claiming God's promises.

It was such a joy to find so very many passages that not only are a comfort in time of trial,
but that also are direct promises of God.

This passage in particular is a reminder in my life that the Lord is my helper, and my strength.
He will never leave me - and for that I am truly grateful.

Sunday, November 6

Thankfulness Part 1

For the month of November I thought I would incorporate into my scripture pictures things I am thankful for.

Today I am thankful for direction.
I often have wondered how those without Christ make it through life without this.

How does one know what career path to take?
If they should take a job offer?
Who they should date?
If they should marry them?
Should they make an offer on that house?

So many questions and as a Christian I don't have to have all the answers right now.
I just have to keep Him first and He will direct - and for that I am truly grateful.