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Monday, December 26

A Christmas Wedding

Last week James and Michelle were married.
Their Christmas wedding was absolutely beautiful!

I was in complete awe of their wedding cake and found myself snapping more pictures of it than anything else... :)

I also found myself being drawn to the candy table multiple times!

Liz made a beautiful matron of honor.

 Liz & EJ

Michelle's brother and her adorable nephew


  1. Congratulations to Michelle and James! May God bless you with a long and happy life together!

  2. Aww!! I love these! Much better than any of the ones I captured. :) It was such a beautiful wedding!!! Btw, I loved the cake too...couldn't stop looking at it!!

  3. Congratulations to them.
    Love the cake! Very much! My sister is a cake decorator and I get the privilege of helping her sometimes. Very fun.