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Friday, January 13

Made w/love:

It was simple gesture, but nonetheless one of love.

Friday nights are often homemade pizza night at home.
My mom makes the most amazing and delicious pizza,
and usually we just stick with your basic toppings.
Last night I mentioned how I love supreme pizza.

I came home from work tonight with a headache
 and quite starved.
When I walked in the door,
 I was greeted with an amazing aroma... 
Mom's homemade pizza.
And, a supreme one made just for me.

Truly it is the simple things that make my day! 

[Happy to link up for week two of Darcy's photo challenge]
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  1. That looks so good! Aren't moms the best? =)

  2. Yum...even in the morning (no, I am not a cold pizza person)-- your mom is wonderful! and great shot too...I love the composition and 1/2 of the pizza gone...

  3. what a yummy way to start the weekend! thanks for the visit

  4. our mom makes the most amazing pizza, by far!!!! ;)