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Saturday, July 16

HIS riches

This verse is one that I recently have come to further appreciate.  With my recent job change I have had to start of with less hours meaning a significant pay loss at the start.  But, God has been so very good.  He provided me with another side job with a family friend as well as some sales in jewelry and photography shoots.  I am making money doing things I love...beading and taking pictures.  I have not missed a car payment, I have not ran out of gas, and my cell has not been shut off.  My needs have been met and so have my desires.  Afterall, HIS riches are are a never-ending supply!

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  1. praise GOD! so awesome when we recognize his faithful service to us! I will pray that it continues.

  2. Amen! A lot of us seem to be dealing with worries or needs this week...and experiencing God's loving faithfulness! :)

  3. Six years on the mission field has given us a deep appreciation for this verse. You illustrated it so beautifully with your photo!

  4. beautiful picture & what amazing truth is held in that verse! blessings to you!

  5. Don't you just love how HE supplies our needs. Love the pic & verse. Joining you at Katie's.