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Saturday, December 3

An exchange of services

Meet Eebee.
She is a student at my church's local college and comes from the country of Mongolia,
missionaries sent out from my church are ministering there.

Eebee is in my prayer group and recently commented that she had never gotten her pictures professionally taken and that she would like to as it is her senior year so as to show family and friends back home.

I, in no means consider myself a professional, but upon hearing her say this I thought it would be fun to take her portraits for her.

Eebee is a phenomenal seamstress and so we came to an agreement that I would take her pictures in exchange for her sewing something for me.

I had  a great time taking this sweet young woman's pictures and I am excited about choosing something for her to sew for me as well!


  1. I would have to say the second one is my favorite. Good job with the portrait shoot!

  2. She looks beautiful! Fantastic job! (Now I need you to take some of me ;) We can do a jewelry arrangement ;)

  3. What a lovely, young lady and what a great job on the photography!